Prosperity with Purpose

Your Private Family Office

Wealth Transition

Our goal is to help you attain prosperity with purpose. We work with families to help ensure that they are taking steps to adequately prepare heirs for managing wealth, and help facilitate wealth transfer over your lifetime.

At Moranda Family Office, we believe that as your children and grandchildren grow up, it is important to teach them about your family values, philanthropy, and their inheritance. By having these conversations with your family, you will give them the tools they need for successful wealth transition.

Our team works with your family to ensure these conversations are respectful, accountable and relevant to your family’s unique needs.

Financial and Investment Oversight

Our clients often come to us with questions about whether their current portfolio is meeting their goals, if their managers are achieving the best results, or if the fees they are paying are reasonable. If you wonder about these things, we can help.

We start with a "Second Look".  This includes a review of your existing portfolio and structure. We do not sell financial products so we can provide a completely unbiased opinion.

Then, we offer the services of a Chief Family Financial Officer (CFFO) to provide global oversight for all aspects of your family’s wealth and financial governance. Your CFFO functions much like a CFO of a corporation and works with you to create a detailed service plan based on your unique values and needs. They work closely with you to continuously oversee your affairs and provide you with solutions for your unique needs.

Family Education and Preparation

Our family financial education program is designed specifically for young adults. XPonential™, provides a unique learning experience that encourages participants to discover their potential.

We help young adults gain understanding of financial topics such as; managing money, budgeting, financial statements and investments.  Then, we work with them to build skills and see how these topics apply to their daily lives.

Upon completion of this program, participants will feel more prepared for their futures and gain confidence in their independent financial knowledge and abilities.

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The Family Financial Roundtable will help your family develop:

  • Clear agreements and understandings about the future of your wealth
  • Effective and profitable businesses and investments
  • Clarity of roles and relationships in management and governance
  • New leadership and the passing of responsibility, ownership and capabilities
  • Individual development of skills to deal with financial complexity and expert advisors
  • Positive supportive relationships amongst family members

Family Office

We provide family office set-up and support that is completely objective. We don’t sell financial products. We will work with your current team of advisors such as accountants, lawyers and investment advisors.

Through careful thought and intention we help you clarify what you really want for your family and put your money to work to move it forward. Our sole concern is creating strategies that benefit your family for the long term.

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